How to Avoid Untrustworthy Penny Auction Sites scam - Participating in penny auction sites is a popular pastime because not only is it fun, but it can also be lucrative when you know how to do it right. Who can resist the idea of owning items at a much lower price with the thrill of winning the bids over your competitors? But in order to win bids successfully, you should learn how to avoid being tricked with online penny auctions. Unfortunately, while there are reliable and trustworthy websites, there are also many of those that take advantage of people who are eager to win bids and end up getting fooled. Here are some ways you can learn how to avoid these unreliable sites.

Research on the website’s age, because most of the reliable penny auction sites have been around since 2009. The general rule of thumb is the older the website, the more legitimate it is. Be wary of those that have been operating for just a few months because they don’t provide much basis for legitimacy and you have higher chances of getting fooled. Popular and reliable penny auction sites are able to survive long enough because they run a good, honest business.

Reliable websites have high traffic statistics, because they are receiving more visitors. Popularity of a website is a stable indicator of whether or not it’s legitimate, as you’ll find that sites which receive low visitors have a tendency to be unreliable. You can also do extra research by joining chat forums as they can also provide good insight on which sites are reliable. scam - If the site features testimonials from participants and they can vouch for the site’s reliability, it’s an indicator that you can trust the website. People nowadays can be very picky about products and websites, and they are more than happy to share their experiences online to help others. It will be easy to spot a dishonest penny auction website if you find that people are complaining and writing negative reviews.

Scour the Internet for additional feedback on particular websites. Apart from joining chat forums as mentioned earlier, you can also find video discussions such as those found in YouTube and blogs of participants. Feedback from real people count the most so you know which sites to avoid. scam - Participating in penny auction sites are a lot of fun and can provide decent savings as long as you can avoid untrustworthy sites. All you need to do follow these tips to avoid being fooled in the future, and you’ll find that joining trustworthy sites is a lot of fun and you can win items at a fraction of the price. There are few things that come close to winning bids over your competitors and enjoying savings at the same time.

So you think you might want to be a stockbroker?

stock broker salary - Perhaps the most popular area of the investment industry is that of a stockbroker. Although some of you might think that breaking into the business is difficult, but it actually is pretty easy. That of course depends somewhat on where you would be willing to work and what you would be dealing in. If you are a young person out of high school or college and can accept less guaranteed money for the potential to make a lot, then the options are limitless. Unlimited income and freedom to control your destiny.

Sound to good to be true? Maybe, but the fact is many people have changed their lives by becoming a Stockbroker or any Investment Professional. Brokerage firms that pay their brokers mostly on commission are always hiring. The idea that an unlicensed or inexperienced person will not be able to find a lot of openings is false. The risk that a stock brokerage firm takes when hiring new brokers in minimal.

A stock firm does not pay much in salary. $250-$500 weekly during training is the average. So, if a firm hires someone at $350 a week, the upside to the firm is high. You have to consider the initial loss of income when entering this business. If you are 20 years old, you might not consider that pay in the beginning as that low. Older workers with more personal and financial responsibilities have to consider it a little more.

Finding a job with a firm in this industry is different from others. Your choices are broad and the way you go about it can enhance your chances. Don’t just look for job ads in the newspaper or the Internet. Call up the firms themselves and inquire about openings even if they are not advertising. Look in your local phone book and call them. You may have an office of a terrific firm in your town that might hire you. Do not ask the receptionist if they are hiring. Ask to speak to the Sales Manager in particular. The Sales Manager of a firm is paid largely on the production of the brokers he’s managing. So, if you sound eager enough and come across well on the phone, I guarantee he will at least take your name and give it consideration if not bring you in that same day!

The Series 7 and the Series 63 licenses will be required before you can begin working with customers. Your firm will sponsor you for those exams. Other licenses may be needed depending on the firm and the securities they deal in.

Not an easy job for sure. It will take long hours, the ability and willingness to cold call effectively, and the drive to be the best. Only then, will you earn your worth.